Dermajuv Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation Review

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Dermajuv DermagistComplete Rejuvenation System claims to provide an instant lift and make your DNA into growing new skin molecules like a baby. The new anti-wrinkle wrinkle product seems currently to be very hot, gets a lot of glowing testimonials and rave reviews. So We’ve been very exciting to test this new wrinkle product!


What is the Dermajuv Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System about?


Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation is not a simple wrinkle cream. It is a complete SYSTEM which attacks your wrinkles and the other signs of aging by employing an application process of three unique formulas, designed by the scientists at Dermajuv. When you purchase the Dermajuv Complete System, you get an instruction sheet, along with the three bottles of product. You are guided precisely as to when and how to apply the products to achieve your maximum wrinkle and age reduction goals.


Frankly, the detailed instructions sheet was a detail that NO OTHER wrinkle cream we have reviewed bothered to provide us. Before we even got started trying this product, we were already impressed.


What do you get?


What is included in the System when you buy it, is 1 bottle of the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, 1 bottle of the Dynamic Age Defying Serum, and 1 bottle of the Instant Effect Lifting Serum.


How Does The Dermajuv Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System Work?


As a quick summary of the instructions, you use the cream for two days to prepare your skin before you begin with the other formulas. Allow us to say, this system is FOR SERIOUS WRINKLE LOSS. You have to do two applications of the products per day, but once you get to day 3, where the Age Defying Serum and Instant Lifting Serum are applied, you will be BLOWN AWAY by the feel of your skin and results you see.


The skin is deeply penetrated with moisture first, so that it is ready for the “Instant lift serum” and the “Age Defying Serum”. The results are undeniable on the very first day of using the “Instant Lift” product. That day was the most exciting day we experienced when reviewing this product. As experts in the wrinkle reduction field, day three of using this system was the most exciting day we have ever experienced.


What are the Results?


By the time we got to the part of the instruction sheet that calls for the “Age Defying Serum” to be used, we were already happy. However, when the three products were all working at the same time, things got wild. One very interesting thing was that our subjects were not aware of the redness or spots that their skin already had. But when they started to fade, suddenly, a new clarity and smoothness of the skin started to emerge. This awesome effect and dramatic wrinkle reduction had us almost ready to give our “TOP RATING” to this product. After analyzing the components below, we had made our mind up as to what product would be awarded the Best Wrinkle Cream or System.


Rate of Seeing Results:


Visible results are obvious on day three, when the Instant Lifting Serum is called for. Day three, however, is only the beginning. Your skin tone, color, and texture all start to change, and by the end of the treatment, you look like a new person. The instant effects are not like other “instant result” products, who’s effects fade in a few hours. This product is the real deal, folks’ the best wrinkle cream or system out there.




The products require you to put them on twice a day (morning and bedtime), so if you’re super busy, this could be a burden. Also, a little bit of the Instant Lifting Serum got into the eye of a test subject, and reportedly, it stung. Be cautious of not getting these powerful formulas into your eyes.




- Dramatically reduces wrinkle depth and length
- Instant Results beginning on day 3
- Collagen and Cell Re-growth at the DNA level
- By far, the best effect on wrinkle reduction, removal of redness, and shrinking of pores.
- Leaves skin looking younger and healthier
- Encourages your skin to heal itself
- 30 Day money back guarantee
- Downloadable clinical results supporting its effectiveness


The Final Verdict


On our rating scale of 1 - 5, based on the above review and our criteria, the Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System is given a 4.5 rating. We really loved it.


Price: Part of our product reviews is always “Value for the money”. In this regard, we checked to see how much each product would cost individually, and you are saving over $110 by purchasing the System. Value wise, the Complete Rejuvenation System is an extremely good choice.


Guarantee and Return Policy:
All Dermajuv Dermagist Products are backed by a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Do they honor it? Well, we went online with their real-time chat service and posed as a customer who wanted a refund. It was NO PROBLEM. The representative told us where to ship the return and didn’t so much as offer a single objection to refunding us. Of course we didn’t really ask for a refund, but from what we could tell, they are VERY GOOD about honoring their policy.

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  1. Angela Samms Says:
    I love this product. I agree 100% that it is the best product online.

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  2. Melinda Cross Says:
    Every time I click on the link to order the Dermajuv, it takes me to a 6-pack abs page!! How to order? I am so frustrated-please help. Thanks

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  3. admin Says:

    Hi Melinda,

    This is the latest Dermajuv discount link that should work:

    Don’t forget to use the discount code “jessica”.

    Best regards,

  4. Toni Says:
    My daughter got me this as a gift and I am totally amazed at the results, my skin feels awesome and my wrinkles are much less defined. Thank you for such an amazing product!!!!

    Overall Rating

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